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Vauxhall Vectra 2003

£ 320.00


2003 Diesel Vectra for sale. I have had it for 2 years and never let me down . It’s so comfortable with the leathered seats. It has a radio/cd/usb stereo to listen to while you cruise in 5th gear.It has had some work on it past year. It has 2 front break and disks put in in March which cost me £200.Nearside Rear Anti-roll bar and Offside Rear Anti-roll bar put in costing £100New fanbelt added 3 weeks ago by AA £28I also got new flip key costing me £120 plus £25 for codes from Vauxhall. So as you can see I have spent a fair bit on it. I will give you the codes I payed for from Vauxhall in-case you need to reset anything if you decide to buy the car. The MOT still has until 21st March 2018. The past 5 days the car has been in limp mode which I can’t fix myself. I don’t have the time to take it to a garage but it could be a cheap easy fix.The drivers seat has a bit of white paint on it .It goes for a mile or less then the mechanic symbol appears so really I just don’t know anything about cars and I am looking for a smaller car. I just wanted to point that about the car going into limp mode.It does start and drives but as said it does go into limp mode. It would be better if you had it towed to be on the safe side.It is a 14 year old car so the usual marks and scrapes is there. The spare wheel is there which is the smaller wheel but I do have a full size wheel but that has a really slow puncture.I’ve also added about £20 of diesel before the error message came on. The car hasn’t moved from the road for 5 days. I have receipts for the flip key and Vauxhall codes plus I have the receipt for the new brake pads and discs. I drove my car this morning for 3 miles and everything was fine then it went into limp mode. I am sure it gets like this when the engine gets warm,could just be a pipe or something? I have knocked the price down from £450 to only £320 buy it now and offers of just £275 will buy the car This is from the AA Patrol found the following fault code/s:System : Engine control – 61S / Pump ECU PSG 16 CANP0340 – Camshaft position sensor. Error Message : Malfunction.P0335 – Crankshaft position sensor. Error Message : Malfunction.P0070 – Ambient air temperature sensor. Error Message : Malfunction.P1590 – Vacuum control solenoid valve. Error Message : Voltage too high.vehicle in limp home mode. road tested it drove but with reduced power Hope this will help Thanks for looking

| £320.00 |

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