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Saab 9-3

£ 650.00


2.0 turbo petrol hatchback

I bought this as I do quite a lot of miles with work. It’s a great car for travelling long distances as it’s quiet, comfortable and very easy to live with. I’ve relied on it and it has not let me down; in return it’s had full synthetic oil every 3000 miles. There are no nasty noises or rattles, it’s starts first time and returns almost 40mpg.The bumpers have the usual light scrapes for a car of this age but there are no cracks or splits, just surface scratches. The parcel shelf and the rear head-rests are missing. There are a few pixels out on the display and the batteries are flat in the (2) keys.That’s it!Everything else seems to work OK including the air-con, reversing alarm, CD, cruise control. It’s never even had one of those add-on phone kits in it so no spare holes in the facia.It’s a cheap honest car that has a lot of life in it still. We now only need one car so it’s time to go.

| £450.00 |

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14/07/2017 8:43 am