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PEUGEOT 205 xld

£ 500.00



I have owned this car for almost 5 years and I am selling with a heavy heart as she is now surplus to requirements. In that time she has done some 44000 miles mostly on motorways going down to the center of France. During my ownership the rear axle was replaced , new drive shafts, wheel bearings and front suspension top mounts. The timing belt was changed as a precaution when I bought the car 44000 miles ago and should be good for another 30000 . The car has been regularly serviced, with semi synthetic oil changes at 5000 instead of the recommended 6000 miles. There is substantial history file from the previous owner which has been added to during my ownership. The body work is in very good condition but it does have the odd small dent as befits a car of this age. All together this is a wonderful little car which has been great fun. If you are looking at something economical (55+ miles to the gallon) and cheap to insure (classic Insurance at just over £100) then this a good buy. If you are interested I would recommend a visit to see the car and make up your own mind. You will not be disappointed. The car is currently Sorn with almost 5 month remaining on the MOT

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PEUGEOT 205 xld PEUGEOT 205 xld PEUGEOT 205 xld PEUGEOT 205 xld PEUGEOT 205 xld PEUGEOT 205 xld PEUGEOT 205 xld

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27/06/2017 4:10 am