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bmw e46 330i m sports auto convertible 02/52

£ 1850.00


RELISTED DUE TO A TOTAL EXCUSE MAKING TIME WASTER (grantpplus) AND RELISTED AGAIN due to a non payer I am now getting sick of this its costing me money. you bidding to buy this car not waste my time and money this is a legal contract. if you don’t want it then simple don’t bid THIS CAR AS AN OVERHEATING ISSUE PLEASE READ AGAIN THIS CAR AS AN OVERHEATING ISSUE AND THIS CAR AS AN OVERHEATING ISSUE reduced buy now price £1850 up for auction is my BMW E46 330ci m sports convertible in met sapphire black with full grey/silver leather. with service history and receipts. two new rear tyres fitted the other week. I have the original bill of sale this BMW was almost 40K new in September 2002 with many options like rear passenger air bags full electric seats with lumber support and sat nav with six boot changer and much more BMW Spec list harman kardon sound system with rear sub sound really good auto lights bi xenon vert bright auto wippers (replaced last week)auto dimming rearview mirror sat nav with speed camera warning (works needs update)6 disc cd changer full electric leather heated seats with option lumber support control full factory M sports kit bumpers side skirts performace suspension full electric operating hood (fully working and mint condition)genuine BMW MV1 18inch alloy wheels staggered (need refurb not that bad)front alloys 8j tyres 225 40 R18 lansail budget ok rear alloys 8.5j tyres 255 35 R18 new lansail good wet tyre good fuel return M sports rear duck tail spoiler M sports boot badge climat control air con front fog lights head lamp washersprivate plate automatic gear box pulls very well with no nasty issues there are so many optional extras on this car its mind blowing that in September 2002 this car would have cost almost 40k new I have the bill of sale to prove and has five former keepers vehicle is SORN DVLA Bad points car is 15 years old and as the usual marks and scratches but the bodywork is total rust free alloy wheels really could do with total refurb rear tyres are new covered less than 50 miles fronts tyres are reasonable overheats after about twenty minutes water pissing form the top of the header expansion tank (radiator mounted) not really sure of the problem was ok and till I went to bmw main dealers in Tamworth to have the air bags changed on a free safety recall on the way back she overheated on me stoped. called out the RAC who found that the heater valve add been bypassed with a pice of cooper pipe that had now come apart. the RAC rejoined the two parts and topped her up with water and bleed the system at the same time and checked the oil run for 40 minutes no more issues drove her home around 20 miles no problems at all was good then a few days later on ride around town after 30 minutes driving overheated again on me pulled over straight the way called the RAC again they arrived checked the heater valve bypass that was fine no problem there. next the RAC chap removed the oil cap no mayo (water in the oil)checked the dip stick still no signs of any head gasket failures. he said he thought it might be the water pump maybe the thermostat the problem seams to be a cooling issue more than a mechanical one as the car sounds and runs fine then overheats. I really have no idea why I am not a mechanic I really don’t have any more money to spend on her could be something simple like Radiator thermostat water pump needs new haeter valve 11 quid up on eBay or 68 quid for a new one most parts cheap on eBay or from eurocarparts I don’t have the tools the knowledge or the patience let alone the time will also need the air bag light resetting after I slammed the drivers door in temper I have no idea whats wrong with her. she was good as gold and till the other week and now I have lost all interest in her now and just sits in my garage waiting for a new home or someone who can repair her MOT 12 Jan 2018 I have spent money on 2 rear tyres new roof sensor switch door barrel new hazard warning switch radiator hose O ring seal plus coolant lowered buy now price hence issues these car will soon be classics and one of best convertibles bmw have ever made and is lovely and smooth to drive auto box works very well. electric hood as no issues at opens and closes as intended and is very quick all electric windows all the seats works as they should really needs a good service please no more time wasters its no reserve or there is a buy it now option thats all the car will need to be transported really as I am not sure how far you get before overheats. There are couple of options car transporter trailer but check your drivers licence if don’t say B+E then thats a problem or you can hire a recovery car transporter quite cheep I found 2 on eBay that charge 100 per day with 250 miles remember total weight must be under 3.5t vehicle and load. works out cheaper than a recovery company.I am more than willing to help any buyer the best I can please ask don’t make poor excuses. theres all ways a plan remember no warranty or implied purely sold as seen

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