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BMW. 320 i

£ 350.00


Selling for a friend. This car was used by my friend whilst he was stationed in Germany in the forces He brought it back to England and registers it in 2002. He ran it for 10 years before replacing it but felt so attached to it he parked it on his garden and it’s stood there for 5 years. The interior is clean, it has a good sound system, the alloys are sound and just need a good clean. All 4 doors are sound as is the rest of the body apart from scratches on the roof where something has been placed. The tyres are are showing cracking on the sidewalls, brakes will need sorting out, binding at the moment but the engine starts okay with jump leads and, like all these 6 cylinder BMW engines, sounds really sweet.. The engine has been run periodically so as to be able to cut the lawn and the gearbox was ok when parked up only 2 weeks ago.If removed and sold separately, the engine alone would sell for more than the £350 asking price. However, after moving the car this morning ( Saturday ) reverse was fine, then drive ok but then it refused to let the selector go into reverse, the linkage appeared jammed … it selects drive ok. It has to go so it’s at a giveaway price of £350 but early collection is needed. It comes with 2 keys and a plip for the alarm. Although it will drive it is an auto so needs trailering away or the rear wheels suspending allowing it to be towed. The car is what it is, lovely sweet engine, good set of alloys and a cracking stereo. I’ve sold it twice in 2 days and, as yet, haven’t seen anyone or any money … I’m 70 and just getting over an operation so please don’t play games with me any more, Thank you. In answer to a question I’ve been asked several times ……. If you put some more petrol in it, it will drive home ok. You would have to remember that the tyres are showing signs of ageing, the brakes are not at their best, you have no reverse gear and the car is without a MOT. Located near to junction 29a of M1 near Chesterfield in Derbyshire; Any questions please use the link below or my mobile. 07710 646 755; Gordon

| £350.00 |

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